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all the graphics you need under one roof


Oasis Graphic Co. specialise in producing bespoke and innovative retail displays and graphics. These can range from custom large format digital printing for interiors, to shop front and window display design.
We provide attention grabbing, cost effective and innovative graphics for in store and point of sale displays, supplying you or your client with premium graphic solutions to fulfil the brief.
From the production and installation of a set of retail graphics in one store, to production and dispatch of display solutions to many locations across the UK, it is all possible directly from Oasis HQ.


Workplace and venue graphics are an exciting and interesting part of what we do - the opportunities to be creative are endless...
Whether you are looking for some simple glass manifestation to create privacy in meeting rooms or a full office rebrand we can assist with either and anything else in between. We have a large selection of beautiful, unique materials that we can print on and are always searching for the next big thing to bring personality to office walls and windows.
From bespoke wallpaper to easy to update fabric wallcoverings, we have a myriad of options to update the saddest of magnolia walls.


Live event graphics can be tailored to suit every event. The nature of events are that they are short-lived,  therefore we always try to fit the brief using the most sustainable or environmentally friendly materials.

We can produce wayfinding graphics, large wall graphics, canvas wraps, logos etc - the list is endless and we will always look for a way of producing them to reduce impact to the environment.

Also, when your event has ended, we can attend to de-rig and remove any graphics that aren't reusable. We'll then dispose of them by either recycling, or handing them over to our zero landfill waste carrier. 


Oasis has spent 30 years cultivating knowledge and experience in the exhibitions industry. We
can offer you custom exhibition graphics, show signage, display boards and large format print for trade shows. We work with exhibition stand builders to brand exhibition stands with the graphics that work for you in the budget that you require. 

Similarly as with Event graphics, we will always try to offer sustainable options to reduce our impact on the environment and continuously research the best options for the recycling or re-use of your exhibition stand.


The interior decor market is huge and ever evolving, so it’s important for us to stay one step ahead. We have been printing bespoke wallpaper for our clients for a number of years now and have many different media to print on at our fingertips. For example, if you’re looking for suede, silk or hessian textured wallpaper - we can print it.


Now with the recent introduction of our SwissQ Nyala4 printer we have opened the doors to an even bigger range of colours and textures. Not only can we print on tactile wallpaper media, but we can now print tactile effects - including spot varnish, so any bespoke designs we’re given to print can benefit from and extra layer (or layers!) of print ingenuity.


Oasis has its fair share of creatives here, so it's correct to say that we are a group of people who are happy to push boundaries with our materials and printing techniques. We love experimenting with media, using our machinery to its full potential by sourcing beautiful materials and producing exciting tactile effects. We will (and have) printed on rusty metal, scaffold boards, corrugated PVC, chainlink fences...

Wall wrap vinyl


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