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Whatever It Takes: No excuses

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Whilst working with CrossFit Strength in Depth competition hosted at ExCel London (that’s another story) we were introduced to Mackenzie Bloom at WIT (Whatever It Takes) Fitness, a brand of fitness apparel. WIT has a shop and training facility in London and has some well-known fitness brands associated with it.

In February they hosted a training area and pop up shop at CrossFit Strength in Depth competition in conjunction with Reebok.

The brief was simple. Brand the pop up and training area with shop graphics that are impactful yet practical (such as barrier jackets.) There was also a specification for a large 5m x 4m banner that could be written on by athletes.

Materials to achieve this included knitted polyester barrier jackets, and a series of large header banners in PVC Mesh up to 18m long. The simplicity of this project was its most endearing factor. The brand’s strong messaging speaks loudly and clearly. No gimmicks, no illusions needed. This level of integrity fits with the philosophy – you can’t cheat yourself, no excuses. Just work hard and the results speak for themselves.

The event was at a very busy time of year for the graphics industry in general and particularly for Oasis. However, the project was handled with ease and a happy client ensued. What was so great about this project was that many of us at Oasis are big fans of CrossFit and the community, so it was brilliant to be able to work with them and we thoroughly enjoyed being closely involved, having a chance to look behind the scenes. We certainly hope to work with both WIT and CrossFit Strength in Depth again. There is a real sense of achievement working with such focused athletes. We can all take heed of WIT’s brand mantra “no excuses”. There really are no excuses when it comes to delivering an excellent service with dedication and precision.


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