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Coutts: Bank with Pride

In July 2018 Oasis Graphic Co. beamed with pride to be involved in such an exciting and impactful graphic installation with the 440 Experience Team at Coutts Bank. During the month of London Pride, client Coutts Bank wanted to boldly show their support by displaying beautiful window graphics as a modern representation of the Pride rainbow flag. This would be visible along the Pride Parade route on The Strand in London.

This was a large undertaking for the Oasis Graphic Co. team due to the size and scale of the building, which soars 12 meters high. The greatest challenge faced during this project was producing the window graphics as single pieces for each individual windowpane as approximately 2m x 3m panels. And there were a lot of windowpanes!

One of the most important aspects of the project was the impact from inside the building as well as the outside. Inside the desired effect was that of stained glass casting beautiful rainbow colours in to the reception area of the bank.

In order to achieve this most awe-inspiring effect the single panels were produced using superwide printable clear gloss laminate. It took a crew of 4 Oasis Graphic Co. installers 30 hours over one weekend to create the masterpiece and 1 Oasis Graphic Co. Project Manager to co-ordinate working with the 440 Experience Team at Coutts Bank


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