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Happy 1st Birthday SwissQPrint Nyala 4! - celebrating true quality and creativity in bespoke large format print

We have just marked one year since we took delivery our SwissQPrint Nyala 4. Looking back 12 months ago, the excitement among the entire team as the installation day approached was huge - all of our Christmases had come at once - we were opening doors to true quality and creativity in bespoke large format print.

Before the arrival of the Nyala, we had always tried to push the confines of print technology (sometimes to the detriment of our kit!) - we always strived to give the client what they wanted, to realise their vision with exciting print effects, materials and textures. The Nyala had been on our wishlist for a while and although we often achieved the client’s objective without it, we knew that we could do more, something extra, that small thing that would make a bigger and better impact.

Fast forward 12 months and not only has our creativity had a massive boost, but so has our overall output in terms of speed, quality and energy reduction. Our printed sheet material zips through at lightening speed and bespoke printed wallpaper and optically clear window film runs through beautifully, with very little intervention from the print team. 

We haven’t looked back since it's installation. We have far fewer bottle-necks, the print quality - at speed - is second to none and it’s really helped bring our energy bills down! Creativity has always been at the heart of what we do - we like to push boundaries, to give our clients something distinctive and individual, so introducing the Nyala has helped us take it to the next level.

We are delighted with the impact that the new machine has had on Oasis Graphic Co, it has enabled us to open doors to many new opportunities - including art reproduction projects, production of beautiful bespoke textured wallpaper for offices and home interiors and ultra creative retail manifestation projects to name but a few.

Here's to the next 12 months (and beyond) for us and our favourite piece of kit!


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